It's EASY!

It's FUN!


painted lady

Watch as caterpillars eat and grow, transforming into a chrysalis (pupa) and then emerging as a beautiful adult butterfly! Entire "metamorphosis" takes
2-4 weeks.
(Please note that "metamorphosis" image shows the Monarch Butterfly life cycle. Kit is for Painted Lady Butterfly, shown at right.)

We recommend that you contact Insect Lore for your caterpillar/butterfly cultures. 1-800-LIVE BUG


Make your Wedding, Birthday, Memorial, Event UNFORGETTABLE!!!

monarchRelease LIVE BUTTERFLIES!

Butterfly releases are a "Green" way to WOW your guests!

Incorporate the Indian Legend into your event to make wishes come true.

We recommend that you contact The Butterfly Celebration for your live butterfly needs.

And thanks for helping to fill our skies with butterflies!